…organics filter lid, absolutely brilliant!!!

To Robert @ Smart-Biz,

Thanks for sending me your organics filter lid, absolutely brilliant!!!.
My issues was the horrible smell emanating from our household organics bin and where I can place it far away from the house.

After fitting your filter lid, the smell was completely isolated and actually decreased significantly within the bin.
Obviously the filter was allowing the material inside to breath and neutralising the odour.

I have ran my own tests to see if your claims were true and I am happy to report the following over the 2017-2018 Victorian summer,

  • Odour levels remained the same internally to the bin
  • No odour escaping sealed lid
  • Actually was able to extend the pickup cycle offered by Bendigo Council
  • Maximum time I achieved was 6 weeks between pickups, due to having a completely full bin!, no other reason
  • The bin actually started the composting process within and reduced bin volume to allow a greater capacity.
  • I also done a stench test to see how bad a odour I could get within the bin and after stopping “gagging” the lid completely sealed the smell, sold me there and then.

Absolutely love the product and think it should be standard issue on all bins.

If the whole street, bugger that, the whole town had your lids the stench on pickup days would be gone!!!!
CBD businesses/councils would also appreciate the zero odour and make these areas more pleasant for all.

Keep up the good work.


Thank you and regards

Ashley Iles
Area Account Manager Bendigo – Victoria